ELI - a spider-verse fan cinematic

Character animation : Guillaume Charrin
Graffiti : Karalang
Character design : Marion Esquian
All other aspects : Poppip

This project was created as a gift for a friend. The plan was to team up with other artists close to her to make her Spider-Verse avatar. It would then be gifted to her printed in a digital frame from Infinite Objects.

The character was animated by Guillaume Charrin in Autodesk – Motion Builder.

The graffiti was created by Karalang.

The character design was taken care of by Marion Esquian.

All the remaining aspects of the production were made by Poppip with Blender. Those include character modeling, rigging, shading, FX, lighting and compositing.

eli still frame 1
eli still frame 3
eli still frame 1
Graffiti by Karalang
Eli wireframe - topology
Eli wireframe - topology
Eli concept by Marion Esquian
eli background concept by Marion Esquian