Welcome !

My name is Quentin Delobel. I’ve created Poppip Studio with the sole purpose of bringing cool art to life. The media in itself doesn’t matter; it can be a videogame, a commercial, an art-toy, an animated short or a simple drawing… The only thing that matters is the message and the ability to bring it life as efficiently as possible. 

Someone very important to me once said during an interview that doing art is very similar to fishing : Once you’ve caught the fish you want to cook it right away because that’s when it tastes the best. Leave it in the fridge for 2-3 days and I’m telling you, it won’t be as good ! 

I grew up in the city of Nantes, France. In 2014 I was admitted to Isart Digital Paris where I learned character design, composition, figure drawing, anatomy etc… for a year, and then moved to Canada where I studied all aspects of 3D production at Isart Digital Montreal for two years and graduated as a 3D generalist.


The french band Stupeflip was my main inspiration. It helped me realize the importance of carrying a message, a purpose, and doing everything you can to inspire people to do the same. The studio’s name comes from their universe.

I’ve been raised in a family where music and visual arts were part of the everyday life. I try my best to combine in most of my projects.

Most of my inspiration comes from songs I listen to. I like to get lost in imaginary universes while listening to them. Some of my favourite music artists are The Toxic Avenger, Power Glove, Infected Mushroom, c418, Rezz, Nils Frahm, and Waveshaper, however Stupeflip will always be first!

Although I do have a few favourite visual artists like Ash Thorp, Alberto Mielgo, Daniel Shaffer, Bryn G. Jones or Karl Kopinsky, I try to always get inspiration from everything I see, whether they be paintings, photographs, drawings, architecture, movies…. The key for me is to stay curious and observe everything around me in order to build a large visual library rather than focus on one specific style. There are too many beautiful things in this world to focus on just a single aspect of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, now you know a bit more about me !

 Quentin Delobel