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Nov. 2020

pewdiepie intro

pewdiepie intro
Software : Blender

In June 2020, Pewdiepie, the n° 1 content creator on Youtube, issued a video about another Youtube channel which was dangerously close to dethrone him in terms of subscribers count. Pewds started a non-violent subscribers “war” as a meme against this studio called “Cocomelon”. Many animators around the world started to create alternate versions of this kids show intro, sampling the audio and thereby luring toddlers into thinking their parents were watching Cocomelon when it was in fact a Pewdiepie video starting by a fan-made introduction.

pewdiepie intro still 4
you can watch Pewdiepie’s reaction to the intro here. It is also used as the actual intro of the video.
pewdiepie intro still 3
pewdiepie intro still 1
pewdiepie intro still 2